Theophilus is a Medina, Ohio based club within the Christian Communicators of America (CCA), focused on developing the skills of speech and debate in home educated students ages 5-18.

Theophilus is Greek for “Friend or Lover of God“.  As such, we are a Christian oriented group and we adhere to a club handbook and a statement of faith ensuring that all members are in agreement.

The mission of the Christian Communicators of America is to assist parents who are home educating their children with the development of communication and critical thinking skills, equipping these children to be faithful servants of the Lord Jesus Christ by preparing them to give a defense of their faith to everyone who asks for a reason for the hope that is within them, and to do so with grace, seasoned with salt.

To accomplish this mission, CCA will provide opportunities for home-educated children to participate with local clubs for competitive speech and debate tournaments where an emphasis will be placed on excellence in speech, critical thinking from a Biblical worldview, and Christ-like character development. Students will be encouraged to recognize and develop their God-given gifts, to work as unto the Lord, to acknowledge God’s sovereignty in all events, and to give God the glory in all that is done.

Theophilus meets on Mondays in Medina county and serves many surrounding counties & communities, training students in Speech and Debate for tournament competition and ultimately to be communicators for Christ.  We strive for excellence in speech and debate and also the spiritual training of our students, understanding that successful communication for God is more than skilled oratory but is also dependent on the speaker’s heart.  As such, Theophilus holds a higher standard in all aspects of training our students.  Our Theophilus Motto is, “In Pursuit of Excellence”.  Reference the Club Guidelines page for more details.

  “Sharpen your mind, tame your tongue, discern the truth, share your faith”